Tracey has been such a positive influence in my life.  I was looking for a PT that was tough experienced and professional.  Tracey was highly recommended to me by my Yoga instructor. What I have found in Tracey was all of the above and more. Tracey is also very kind, caring and considerate, and will tailor your plan to your needs, whether that is a tough work out, focused Pilates, motivation, moral support, or even a shoulder to cry on. All of which has been invaluable in lock down.  My fitness level was really low, with various muscle twinges and lower back pain.  Tracey has guided me through a plan that has improved both my physical fitness and mental wellbeing with her unique personality and balance of fun with fitness. I highly recommend signing up. 


I started going to Tracey’s classes in early 2018 and I haven’t looked back. Tracey helped me to see exercise as a celebration of what my body can do and not a punishment for what I ate. I have seen a significant difference in my strength and stamina with a combination of personal training sessions and group exercise. 

Tracey developed a 1-1 personalised training plan to help me achieve my fitness goals whilst continuing to push me that little bit further which I love! Not only does Tracey know her stuff, she is so motivating and inspiring which makes her that extra bit special!


Training with Tracey Murphy has totally transformed my attitude to exercise. I have always loved walking the dog and a little bit of yoga but didn’t invest in personal fitness until I went through an aggressive bout of cancer. Following treatment I committed myself to maintaining my own health as best I could, but of course it’s all about balance.I loath getting up in the mornings and heading to the gym, but after a few minutes with Tracey I can feel my serotonin levels rise. And, despite putting me through my paces in general fitness, I love chatting away to Tracey while working out – so much so that the 45 minutes flies past and I’ve not only worked my body but my mind as well. Because the cancer treatment has left me with osteoporosis, Tracey has organised a plan which works on maintaining healthy muscles and bones, as well as tackling the dreaded middle age spread (as I said, it’s all about balance and I refuse to give up cheese and red wine!). I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone who’d like to improve their health and fitness levels. She is a truly inspirational lady.


“Having already done Ironman triathlons and ultra-marathons, I thought I knew something about training but it turns out I was (very) wrong. After listening carefully to your history and what you want to achieve, Tracey develops a personalised plan that brings together different disciplines like high intensity cardio, weights and pilates. The sessions are very well-planned with a good variety of exercises and Tracey keeps things challenging so you don’t enter the comfort zone for one minute!

We’ve worked consistently, just once a week, for about 18 months and the benefits are measurable. My general health has improved and when training, for running or triathlon, I seem to recover faster and have less niggles than before. Old injuries that used to flare up, have gone very quiet. There is definitely an improvement in race times too.

In a nutshell, working with Tracey develops your all-round fitness – strength, aerobic and flexibility – and irons out your weaknesses. Unlike a class situation, you can ask Tracey to put an emphasis in certain areas to fit in with your priorities. Unlike training on your own, Tracey can spot bad technique or things to work on that would never cross your mind. If you are short of time, an hour of personal training has to be worth about two or three hours in the gym on your own or in classes. Tracey’s focus and work ethic is to be recommended. Thank you Tracey!”

Rob Spavin, Personalised Training Plan Client

“I have been attending Tracey’s Pilates class now for the past 5 years or more and have never looked back.  I was looking for an alternative training regime that would be less toll on my joints but still gave the results I was looking for – strength and toning which is exactly what you get with Tracey’s classes. Combining classic Pilates moves with toning exercises this is a full body workout suitable for all ages and abilities.  With step by step guidance and levels to progress this isn’t just a workout it’s a lifestyle change.  Over the years my core stability has increased, my posture is better, I am nicely toned but most of all it has attributed to my personal wellbeing – who knew this could be achieved through simple breathing techniques. I would highly recommend the classes provided by Tracey – above all she is a true professional who is passionate about the work she does.”

Monique White, Pilates Class Client

“I first was first introduced to Tracey in the gym after being recommended Pilates after a back problem. I was on the road to recovery and wanted to challenge myself more in an attempt to further strengthen my core, develop my back muscles and increase my stamina. Tracey was very thorough asking me questions about my current concerns, fitness and aspirations. My situation changed at work and I was unable to attend daytime Pilates which, luckily for me, meant my new class times coincided with Tracey as a newly qualified Pilates instructor. That was approx. 5 years ago and I have not looked back since. I have since attended several other classes Tracey instructs, Body Tone, Piloxing, Circuits and HIIT.

Tracey has always been attentive to all class members. The larger classes have had attendance of up to 30 and she has an innate ability to be able to scan the class for customer issues, keep everything interesting and motive from beginning to end. As all classes have a mixture of age and ability Tracey always has adaptions and progressions. She can see when people are struggling and can adapt exercises with ease whilst challenging others by motivating additional effort. Even when not in class she always has time for a “Hello, how are you?” even in between classes. Something she does naturally and has a genuine interest in the answer, no matter what it is.  I owe a lot to Tracey for my fitness and wellbeing.”

Grant Hubbard, Pilates, HIIT, Strength & Conditioning Client

“I’ve been a client of Tracey’s for a number of years for Pilates and Personal Training. Tracey is passionate about her role as a PT and committed to ensuring you get the best out of your sessions with her. She is highly experienced and adapts workouts to take account of any limitations or injuries you may have, making sure you work out in a safe manner. She’s very motivating in an encouraging way, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Suzanne Cocker, Pilates and Personal Training Client 

“So many good reasons why I choose Tracy for PT and Pilates. Probably I didn’t realise how much I needed to do Pilates and strength training until my coach suggested fitting in 2 sessions a week not swimming, biking or running. I had just got myself a place in the GB age group team for Triathlon and was heading out to Austria with team GB. I wasn’t sure I could go faster particularly on the run at my age but I was completely blown away at the results leading up to my race. At 54, then I PB on my 10k time to sub 40 mins which I struggled with in my 30’s.

My Swim became so much better and the bike section was faster than most in the field. I remain injury free🤞and although not by Tracy’s standards as flexible as I have ever been. She is a great motivator and is very precise in her instructions. She always gives alternative movements. If I had to rate her it would be a 10/10. Mind you she isn’t a soft touch. Nothing goes unnoticed. I have been to other instructors but they have usually been more interested in what you cannot do rather than what you can achieve.”

Jo Derry, PT and Pilates Client


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